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EPHA General Assembly meets

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) general assembly held its regular meeting in the afternoon of its first day. The assembly convened on different issues and endorsed key documents of the association including, the annual report of 2015, plan of action for the coming year and the audit report. The assembly also discussed on other issues pertinent to budget and other implementation issues. On his report, president of the association Dr Fikreab Kebede said that 13 regular meetings and 3 extra ordinary meetings have been conducted in the past fiscal year. He said the association has about 6000 registered and 2000 active members.

Finally, the General Assembly elected Dr Kebede Deribew and Dr. Belayhun Wassie as new executive board members of EPHA.

EPHA Recognizes Individuals and Institutions

During the 27th Annual Conference and General Assembly meeting, three distinguished public health professionals and two institutions were recognized for their remarkable contributions to the development of public health in Ethiopia. The recognition was given in four different categories namely; 1) Life service years in public health, 2) Senior public health researchers award 3) Young public health researcher’s award and 4) Institutional award.

Dr. Asfaw Desta, Dr. Abera Kumie and Dr. Belay Tessema received gold medal and certificate of recognition in the first three categories, respectively, while the Organization for Women and Children Development in Ethiopia (ODaCE) and Menschen fur Menschen (MfM) received the Institutional Award. All of the awardees received certificates of recognition from the guest of honor, His Excellency, Professor Afework Kassu, State Minster of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Dr Mahlet Kifle, representative of the Minister of Health and Director General of the Minister's Office.

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