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EPHA Conducts Consultative Workshop

EPHA conducts a consultative workshop to discuss the guideline for the election of General Assembly (GA) representatives, on August 10, 2015 at Monarch Hotel in Addis Ababa.

The discussion was made based on the decision of the GA meeting that was held on the 27th of February 2015 during the 26th annual conference at Bahir Dar.

The workshop was opened by the welcoming speech of Dr Fikreab Kebede, President of the EPHA, who briefly explained core points on the GA representatives election guideline.

Dr. Fikreab Kebede, EPHA President 


He further noted that the workshop was mainly intended to create a common understanding on the steps to be followed during the election process. He has also remarked that the participants should actively take part in the workshop so that the election process could be smoothly implemented.

Ato Semegnew Mengestu, Deputy Executive Director of EPHA, presented the guideline that consisted of the composition of the General Assembly, criteria for election, modalities of election, and the allocation of regional representatives to the General Assembly.

On the occasion, Ato Birhane Moges, the legal advisor of EPHA said that the General Assembly under article 6.3 of the constitution shall be composed of not less than 60 members, including:

i. Executives of the General Assembly,

ii. Members of the Executive Board,

iii. Regional chapters focal persons,

iv. Elected representatives of regional chapters,

v. Chairperson and designated members of the Advisory Council,

vi. Chairperson or designated members of EPHA Committees and

vii. Editor-in-Chief of the Ethiopian Journal of Health Development /EJHD/.

Some of the participants

EPHA’s Executive Board members, chapter representatives, EPHA secretariat management and senior technical staff members attended the workshop.