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The Ethiopian Public health Association sponsored the Taxi Festival that took place at the Federal Transport Authority (5 Sept, 2011, A.A)

In pursuit of its agreement with Maria Global, EPHA in addition to direct promotion, it was able to receive more publicity via digital banners and printed promotional publications. Communication and IT officers of the association, which was a participant of the festival, were present and distributed promotional materials pointing out the benefits of kicking and staying away from smoking. 

At the presence of over 320 invited guests and gusts of honor, 58 taxi owners, drivers and their assistant were awarded Motor oil by TOTAL ETHIOPIA while those who were responsible for preparing the festival were presented with certificates of appreciation.

Based on monitoring and evaluation, communities will measure accountability and judge whether indeed the programs implemented were useful and adequate addressing their problems,” EPHA president Dr Tewabech Bishaw said (28 July 2011)

Dr Tewabech Bishaw EPHA President in her keynote address at the opening of Training Workshop on Monitoring and Evaluation of Population, Health and Nutrition Programs remarked that many countries across the African region, numerous programs in population, health and nutrition have, and are being implemented by different government and non-government organizations involved in service delivery, research and training both in the public and private sector.

A Half-day Consultative Workshop on the Preparation of a Reference Book on Reproductive and Child Health in Ethiopia, October 15, 2012, Hilton Addis

Held on October 15, 2012, the Half-day long consultative workshop organized by EPHA with financial support from John Hopkins University has enlightened a new path towards producing the first of its kind comprehensive reference book on reproductive and child health in Ethiopia.

Professor Misganaw Fantahun, who first initiated the idea and is assigned to work as one of the editors of the book announced  that the main objective of the project is to produce a comprehensive reference book for training in RH/MCH by pulling together specialized experts from diverse fields of background  focusing on each chapter. According to him, all that have been done so far are appreciable but lack integration and are extremely fragmented. 

The use of alcohol and drugs by adolescents should not be looked at as a rite of passage but as a public health problem (1 November 2011, Addis Ababa)

Speaking at the 22nd EPHA annual conference, W/ro yemserach Belayneh, Country Representative of the David and Lucile Packard foundation-Ethiopia said Alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse prevent individuals from realizing their full potential and hence are the major public health concerns globally.

She pointed out that in addition to the substantial morbidity and mortality, these substances result in significant societal and economic costs.
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