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New EPHA booklet providing the necessary information on the existing situation of Non- Communicable Diseases in Ethiopia (30 May 2012, Addis Ababa)

During the launching workshop of the booklet: Emerging Public Health Problems in Ethiopia-Chronic Non-communicable Diseases, Ato Hailegnaw Eshete, Executive Director of the Ethiopian Public Health Association remarked that non-communicable diseases are increasing in terms of both epidemiological transitions and globalization.

EPHA awarded three gold medals and two cups to outstanding professionals and institutions respectively (1 November 2011, Addis Ababa).

This year the senior Public Health Service Award Gold medal winner was Dr Teshome Gebre, Senior Public Health Research Award Gold medal winner was Dr Alemayehu Worku, Young public Health Research Award Gold medal winner was Kebede Deribe . The institutional award went to All Africa Leprosy, Tuberculosis and Rehabilitation Training (ALERT) Centre and Hamlin Fistula Hospital.
Award Winners

Monitoring and Evaluation project staffs, who attended the NVivo software training, have enhanced their skills significantly from the one week long intensive training (August, 2011)

The NVivo software training organized by the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) was conducted successfully from July 25 to 29, 2011 for successive four days at the Adama German International Hotel.

‘There is no doubt that the weeklong intensive soft ware training have up skilled the knowledge and skills of the Monitoring and Evaluation project staffs who attended the NVivo software training,’ Ben Meehan, the Consultant and Trainer of the Nvivo software said upon the conclusion of the training.

“Controlling Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance Abuse would contribute a lot in addressing the socio-economic crises specially in reducing HIV and AIDS,” said health state minister Dr Kebede Worku (1 November 2011)

Annual conference of the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) at the United Nations Conference Center, the health state minister Dr Kebede Worku stated that controlling Alcohol, Tobacco and Substance Abuse will contribute a lot in the fight against the socio-economic crises specifically HIV and AIDS.

“Alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse have contributed a great share
Dr Kebede Worku
 in the expansion of non-communicable diseases.”

The State Minister did say certain successes have been achieved in meeting the MDGs particularly goal 4 in reducing child mortality dramatically: under five and under one year has been dwindled by 28.5 percent and 23.4 percent respectively.

He said the family planning coverage has reached 29 percent from 14.7 percent and the fertility rate decreased from 5.4 to 4.8 percent.The state Minister said utmost effort should be done to address maternal mortality rate as well.

Dr.Kebede said the fourth Health Sector Development Program aspires to expand basic health services at the same ensuring quality throughout the country as much as possible.

For that to be realized, the role of committed and capable health professionals will be of paramount importance. For achieving the aspiration of the program, mobilizing the public for the goals is indispensable.
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