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EPHA, MH Engineering Signs MoU on the Design Work of the Association’s Future Headquarters (Nov 5, 2012) 



The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) and MH Engineering signed a memorandum of understanding on October 03, 2012 to launch the design work of the association’s long anticipated building complex. The signing ceremony of the agreement took place on the occasion of EPHA staff retreat program in Sodere Resort. Dr Tewabech Bishaw, President of EPHA and Dr Mesele Haile, General Manager of MH Engineering signed the agreement on behalf of the two organizations.
During the signing of the agreement, Dr Mesele unveiled that his company is amused upon receiving such a great responsibility from an organization which has been engaged working on social development programs; which according to his articulation is in line with the organizational value and principle of his company. He underscored that his company will try its level best to execute the task at a relatively measurable cost and faster while maintaining the highest quality standard.

Engineering Signs
Dr Tewabech, for her part, congratulated MH for being selected, based on the merit of its technical preparedness and level of competency by competing with eight similar firms which had submitted bid documents to EPHA.

The tender for the design work of the EPHA building complex was floated for interested and potential firms to compete for, as per the rule of the Public Procurement Agency (PPA), it was learnt. 

It was said that EPHA went through a long journey in order to secure the deed title of the 875 m2 plot of land, around Kebena on competitive lease bid.