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EPHA’s Role in the Nation Health Sector Development Steadily Growing over Time


At the Leadership Strategic Information (LSI) graduation ceremony held on April 13, 2013 in the historic town of Gondar, Ato Hailegnaw Eshete, Executive Director of EPHA addressed to honorable and invited guests and graduates of the 9th cohort LSI program wherein he pointed that EPHA’s role in the nation health sector development has been growing steadily and thereby he highlighted the kill based, long term and modular Leadership Strategic Information training as the one contributing factor that has shown the organizational capacity and growing roles of EPHA in the progress of the nation’s health sector development and particularly in improving the technical capacity of the regional public health personnel on how to undertake secondary researches with a systematic and scientific approaches.

Dr Sisay Yifru, Dean of the College of Medicine and Health Science for Gondar University, on his part, disclosed his firm belief on the values and importance of initiating such appropriate actions like those taken by EPHA, to develop capacity in the health sector and use strategic information to improve skills for need assessment, planning process, monitoring and evaluation of the full range of interventions and activities especially in the area of HIV/AIDS epidemic at the various levels of the country’s health system.

LSI GraduationIn this respect, he underscored the need to sustain the program as it fills the capacity gaps seen by the health personnel working in various health sectors at the federal and regional level.

He also said that cascading the LSI training in the future by monitoring its quality and monitoring trainees at their work places as a strategy should be one of the key responsibilities of all collaborators.

In this cohort (9th), of the 25 professionals enrolled into the program, 21 of them have successfully completed the course having completed the three successive modules along with effectively undertaking their respective research projects with the use of secondary data on HIV /AIDS and related topics.
The graduates pledged through their representative to translate and excel the skill and knowledge that they have acquainted during the course in their respective fields for the benefit of the community.

Certificates were handed over to the graduates by the CDC delegate, Binyam Eskindir.

EPHA has been providing the leadership in strategic information training since November 2006 health professionals, drawn from various regions and health sector organizations with the aim to develop capacities of the public health sector in using strategic information to improve skills towards need assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluations of the full range of interventions and activities to combat the HIV AIDS epidemic and other public health problems at the sub-national levels.

So far, a total of 178 experts have been trained and graduated from the LSI program since the program was launched.