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EPHA Advocacy Workshop on Tobacco Control in Ethiopia (30 April 2011, Debre Zeit)

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) signed a contractual agreement with the Population Media Center(PMC) to facilitate multimedia communication campaign project for addressing alcohol, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia (28, March, 2011, AA)

On behalf of the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) the contractual agreement signed by Ato Hailegnaw Eshete, Executive Director of the Association and on the behalf of the Population Media Center(PMC) - by Dr Negussie Teffera, Country representative  of the center

The project will contribute a lot for the abandonment of alcohol and substance abuse through providing strategically designed information and    knowledge to the target audience. The project will focuses on persuading policy and decision makers to bring comprehensive policy and legislations at the national level on alcohol and substance abuse in relation to HIV/AIDS.

EPHA in its 21st Annual conference, passed resolutions and recommendations on “Maternal and Newborn Health in Ethiopia” (25 October2010, Mekelle, Martyr’s Hall)

In the (EPHA) 21st Pre-Conference Panel Discussion, the Association deliberated a resolution on “Maternal and Newborn Health in Ethiopia”. “EPHA was able to further appreciate and deeper its understanding of the complexity and multifaceted nature of MNH in the country,” the resolution indicated.

The resolution stressed that strengthening the link between community and facility -based health services by designing, implementing and supervising an effective and efficient referral system.

Adigrat Health Research Methodology and Ethics Training successfully conducted in Adigrat Town from Dec.23rd 2010 up to 1st of January 2011(13 December 2010,Adigrat)

The objectives of the training were to develop the capacity of the health offices and universities in health research in general, and methodology design, data processing, research management, communication and ethical protection techniques, in particular.
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