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Consultancy call on short Term Training Service (12 days)


EPHA believes and focuses on the common progress of individuals and organizations through continuous training and learning to enable employees and improve their level of knowledge and skill to achieve the sustainable development. 

In line with this, EPHA has been providing health research methodology and ethics training, which is modular based (six standard modules) training, for members including middle and higher level health professionals working in the health sector. EPHA has planned to deliver this training to 21 members in one round in 2016/2017 fiscal year which will be given from August 15 to 26/2016 at Adama Town.

EPHA requires services of 3 experts (One epidemiologist =9 days, one Biostatistician =9 days and another one Statistician=3 days) for the planned health research methods and ethics + STATA training scheduled from August 15 to 26, 2016.

  1. 1. Application start date: July 20/2016
  2. 2. Deadline for the Application: July 30/2016
  3. 3. Training Methodology: The methodology of the training will be based on the facilitator’s guide of EPHA’s health research and ethics modules. Participatory adult learning/ training methods will be employed including interactive presentation, small group work activities, group discussion and, question & answer, demonstration, brain storming, participant’s plenary presentations and reflections. The training package will be based on the six standard modules of the health research and ethics manuals. In addition, STATA manual will be utilized to conduct three days STATA software training.
  4. 4. Job Responsibilities of the Trainers:
  • - Prepare and submit a detailed work plan of the training agenda, provide soft copy of the training presentations
  • - Facilitate and conduct the training in a participatory (interactive) manner
  • - Prepare pre-post tests as well as daily evaluations form for trainees
  • - Provide soft copies (CD) of reference reading materials to participants
  • - Prepare the training report within 10 days after completion of the training and submit to EPHA research, publication and training department 
  1. 5. Requirements
  • • Being EPHA member;
  • • Educational level: - MPH, and or above (preferable) with experiences on training of research methods and ethics;
  • • Work experience: - Intensive experience in research/ evaluation activities (having publications is an asset);
  • • Very much familiar with statistical software like, Epi-info, Epi-Data, STATA and SPSS.

Facilitation Fee as per EPHA standard (2,000.00 Birr per day per facilitator)

Interested candidates can pick the TOR including training modules from EPHA and provide technical proposal, CV and other credentials before or on July 30/2016.


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