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Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA)

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) is a health professionals association established in 1989 G.C. that envisions the attainment of an optimal standard of health for the people of Ethiopia. It promotes better health services to the public and high professional standards through advocacy, professional competence, relevant policies, and effective networking. EPHA is committed to improve the health and living status of the people of Ethiopia through the dedicated and active involvement of the organization and its members and through collaboration with stakeholders.
EPHA is an association of public health professionals of varying categories and levels of training. EPHA members are distributed all over the country occupying positions at different levels of health care and management from woreda (district) health office and health facilities to the level of a minister. EPHA members are also in private, government and non-government organizations as are its Executive Board members EPHA is among the strongest professional associations in Ethiopia with a current membership of more than 3000. EPHA has its head quarter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and chapters in different regions of the country. The Association is working closely with its partners and collaborators to facilitate and accelerate activities on the country’s priority public health issues and has years of experience and success in implementing national as well as continental projects.. EPHA has good working relationship with governmental and non-governmental organizations, and universities within the country and abroad.
The Association has proven track records in strengthening professional’s skills and capacity of its members through annual conferences, continuing education, and sponsorship of members to participate in international conferences, development of curricula, guidelines and research undertaking. The association has engaged itself in the following activities to achieve its objectives:
  • Generating evidence based information through conducting and supporting research studies, program evaluations and surveillance activities
  • Disseminating evidence based information through its established outlets throughout the country; such as Ethiopian Journal of Health Development (EJHD, Public Health Digest, Felege Tena newsletter, Health Extension Workers newsletter, EPHA funded MPH theses extracts, EPHA website (http://www.etpha.org/) EPHA-Public Health Library and E-learning Centre and other forums
  • Fund public health masters’ theses;
  • Organize professional training programs and workshops;
  • Organize annual EPHA conference to disseminate research findings;
  • Policy advocacy involving in many MOH forums;
  • Takes leadership on professional accreditation and professional guideline development;
  • Support Public Health and Laboratory Professional Associations;
  • Enhance professional safety in the working environment through infection prevention advocacy; etc…
EPHA has an Executive Director, Executive Board headed by its President, Advisory Council and a General Assemblly. It has transparent financial and accountability facilitated by internal and external auditors. EPHA is a member of World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA). In 2008 EPHA has been selected by the General Assembly of the WFPHA to host the 13th World Congress on Public Health.
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