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DHSS, AAMSP and Network of Research Sites

1. Project Title: Information Generation through DHSS, AAMSP and Network of Research Sites    
2. Project Donor: CDC

3. Project Summary: The main objective of the project is to support universities in generating longitudinal data on major demographic events and identify cause of death at population/community level. This project is implemented by six Ethiopian universities and AAMSP. The AAMSP is a burial based mortality focus surveillance system while DHSS sites are community based research centers. Each DSS site follows under surveillance on average 11,000-12,000 households and 50,000-60,000 people. Each household and individuals has its unique identification number through census.
4. Project Justifications: DSS sites are the main source of longitudinal data in low and middle income countries in the absence of complete vital registration system. DSS sites are important to generate population based health, mortality and demographic information for timely decision makings and to monitor the MDG indicators of a country. Furthermore, students particularly PhD and masters students, researchers and lecturers in the university will use the data generated to produce scientific articles and supplement the academic exercise 
5. Project Goal: To generate evidence based information for decision making practices in Ethiopia
6. Implementation Location: Six Ethiopian Universities (AU, JU, HU, UOG, AMU, MU and AA)