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EPHA Research Programs


2. Project Donor: uses the budget allocated for Research, Evaluation. Survey assessment for ongoing EPHA projects (Packard, CDC / PATH as seed money and generate resources).

3. Project Summary: the focus is on applied/operational research. EPHA approaches its research activities in a broad, participatory manner and engages its members. It will mobilize and voluntarily enlist members for different thematic areas and facilitate their work. It also collaborates with the MoH, sister associations and other key stakeholders..

4. Project Justifications: This will enable EPHA to harness and make use of the skill and expertise of its members, increase their participation, widen its network and collaboration, build its organization capacity and serve as center of excellence. It has also value in generating income to EPHA for sustaining itself financially.

5. Project Goal: The ultimate GOAL of EPHA`s   Applied Research program is to facilitate, coordinate and conduct research and consultancy services, generate   resources and scientific and evidence based data that can inform policy formulation, program and project   development for improving the public health situation of the country.

6. Implementation Location: Nationwide (initially in RF/FP project regions, and sites selected for BCP Assessment