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Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA)

Chapters Nomination Form 

a) A nominators can nominate:
    • Up to five nominee.
    • After getting the agreement of the nominee
    • The candidate should live in the respective chapter/region for which he/she is nominated
b) All the required information should be filled 
2.A candidate to be nominated as chapter representatives is expected to fulfill the following:  
  • Be a member of EPHA at least three years active membership (defined as one who has paid his/her membership fee up to 2020
  • Gender: Male and female. Gender balance will be considered
  • Be graduate in health sciences (Medicine, health officer, nursing, public health environmental science, psychiatry, medical anthropology, etc.)
  • Be able to attend monthly and extraordinary meetings and take individual assignments.
  • Willing to serve voluntarily no payment
  • Enthusiastic and passionate
  • Visionary/strategic thinker/proactive
  • The candidate health condition should not affect his/her engagement in the activity
  • Well accepted and respected by his employer, colleagues and the public at large;
  • Works in a public health institution (RHB, University/Health Science Colleges or private health institute)
  • Demonstrated leadership skill.
  • Have the support of her/his employer to carry out the roles and responsibilities of Chapter’s office at their
3.EPHA members under the Chapter would submit their nomination for the Chapter’s representatives with following information:   

Your Contact Information

Nominee Contact Information