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New Executive Board Members Elected

Three new board members have been elected by the general assembly of the Ethiopian Public Health Association during the business meeting of the 25th annual conference convened on the 22nd of February 2014, in the African Union Conference Center.  The board members were elected in a fair and transparent voting system that was held among eight contenders nominated as qualified candidates.  The election was conducted in accordance with the memorandum of the Association to substitute Dr Tewabech Bishaw, president, Dr Assefa Sime and S/r Workinesh Kereta who ardently served in the executive board of EPHA for successive four years and finished their terms of office in February 2014.

Hence Professor Afework Kassu from the University of Gondar, S/r Fekerte Belete and Dr Takele Geresu have been elected as a new board constituents of the Association for the subsequent office term.

In a similar development, it was announced that Dr Filimona Bisrat who had served  EPHA as a vice president of the Association for the last one year has been appointed as president and S/r Fekerte Belete as vice board chair and  vice president of EPHA.

It was learnt that the newly elected board members are academically advanced, with extensive experiences working  in the different health sector organizations of the country and are renowned for their active roles and  significant contributions in the operations of the Association.