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EPHA Bids Farewell for Outgoing Executive Board Members

EPHA held a farewell reception at the Intercontinental hotel, Addis Ababa on April 14,2014 to honor the three outgoing executive board members namely Dr Tewabech Bishaw (president), Dr Assefa Sime and Sr Werkinesh Kereta who ended their terms of office in March 2014.


The immediate successor of Dr Tewabech Bishaw as the president of EPHA, Dr Filimona Bisrat acknowledged three of the outgoing board members for their hardworking and unyielding commitment demonstrated over the course of years where they had led EPHA increasing its active role and involvements in the health sector development of the nation and beyond. Dr Filimona said, Your tenure has been blessed with unprecedented result in the public health sector. we have seen you all reaffirming your commitment to public health development of the nation through EPHA during the years we worked together.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Tewabech unveiled some of the remarkable achievements that were resulted during her president-ship; hence she referred to the resounding success and fresh memory of the 13th World Congress on Public Health hosted by EPHA, the formation of the African Federation of Public Health Association basing within the EPHA compound, the long anticipated result in securing the construction site for the EPHA headquarters in the prime location of Addis Ababa, leased from government and the effort made to instituting a practical organizational structure and working system, among others. This is but a brief illustration of the good work that has been achieved under her leadership.

Dr Tewabech further articulated that working as the executive board and particularly as the president of EPHA has been a challenge, a reward and a lesson for her.

Certificate of merit and trophy was presented to outgoing board members by Dr Filiona Bisrat, president of EPHA as a form of acknowledgment and special commemorative document in the presence of board members, advisory council members, staffs and other invited guests for their service, hardworking and commitment during their office term.