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EPHA’s Staff Members Visit the EPHA’s Building under Construction

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) staff members have visited EPHA building under construction located at Kebena on 18 November 2019.

On the occasion, Ato Yitbarek Tigabu Project Manager of Giga construction PLC, explained about the progress of the construction.
He said, the two basement building will include two elevators considering the disabled people as well.
According to his report, among 885 Sq. meter area, the building is landed on 550 Sq. meter and 25% of the construction has been done so far.
“The estimated time to complete the first phase is one year and 6 months. This phase will cost about ETB 70 million.” He added.
The building, which is expected to serve as a center of excellence for learning, training and research will immensely contribute to improving and upgrading the status of public health in Ethiopia and in Africa as well.
It is to be recalled that, EPHA’s staff members have contributed a one month salary for the construction.