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Dear EPHA members,

As you know, the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) will conduct its 34th annual conference at Inter-luxury Hotel, Addis Ababa from March 19-21, 2023. One of the major activities at the conference will be, conducting a general assembly meeting. In this GA meeting, Executive Board (EB) members who have completed their office term will be replaced by new ones. For this year, since three EB members will complete their office terms, the election and replacement of EB members will be held. Hence, EPHA calls upon regular and lifetime members to nominate dedicated and potentially active EPHA members before February 15, 2023. Please consider the following nomination criteria:

Criteria for Nomination

  1. Membership: At least three years of active membership (Active membership is defined as one who has paid his membership fee up to 2020).
  2. Age: As far as the person is willing to serve and contribute he/she could be nominated
  3. The person to be nominated should be only a regular or lifetime member
  4. Both sexes are equally considered.
  5. Professional mix: Public Health, Biomedical and Social Sciences.
  6. Commitment: to attend monthly and extraordinary meetings and take individual assignments
  7. Residence: Any region and Addis Ababa
  8. Willing to serve voluntarily - no payment
  9. Enthusiastic and passionate
  10. Visionary/strategic thinker/proactive

NB: One person can nominate up to three nominees

To nominate, please follow/click the following EPHA’s official website link: