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The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) is a non-for-profit, voluntary, multidisciplinary association of professionals with varying categories and levels of background and positions at different private, government and non-governmental organizations.
Since its establishment in 1989 EPHA has been implementing national and continental projects/programs for the last 30 years with the aim to promote better health services for the public and uphold professional standards through advocacy, active involvement and networking.
EPHA has successfully implemented various national and international projects including long and short-term trainings, organizing scientific conferences etc. following the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Ethiopia’s initiative to ensure the quality and standards of health services in the country.
EPHA is a licensed CPD accreditor licensed by MOH and as provider got license by EMA.

EPHA aims for its members to participate on training and workshops through the Professional Development and Training Directorate (PDTD) over the coming ten years. The main focus of PDTD includes:

  • Foster continuous professional development (CPD) initiative
  • Work on expanding comprehensive family planning service at community level supported by David and Lucile Packard foundation

Mission: to contribute to the national health development for sound policies and practices through mobilization and active engagement of its broad-based membership, networking and partnership, and improved competence of its members to ensure the attainment of high standard of health in Ethiopia.

Vision: to become a vibrant, self-reliant and iconic public health professional society with fully empowered and dynamic membership and authority in the field of public health policies and practices by 2030.

Core value:

  • Integrity,
  • Professional ethics,
  • Innovativeness,
  • Solidarity and complementarity,
  • Inclusiveness,
  • Proactive engagement
  • Societal responsiveness

The EPHA-CPD strategic goals: EPHA has set a 10 year strategic plan and here under are the two goals in regard to CPD: -

Strategic Goal 1: Increased, diversified, competent and fully engaged members

Strategic Goal 3: Established center of excellence for public health globally


Face to face: category 100

F2F 101: Public Health Development

  • PHD 01: Research Methodology & Ethics training
  • PHD 02: Knowledge Management training
  • PHD 03: Leadership Management & Governance training
  • PHD 04: Monitoring & Evaluation training
  • PHD 05: Effective PH communication training
  • PHD 06: Scientific writing training
  • PHD 07: Grant proposal & management training
  • PHD 08: Facilitation Skill Training
  • PHD 09: Instructional Designing Skill training
  • PHD 10: Quality Improvement training
  • PHD 11: Health Care Ethics training
  • PHD 12: Human Resource for Health training
  • PHD 13: Infection Prevention training

F2F 102: TB, HIV & DR-TB

  • TBHIV 01: TBL & HIV training
  • TBHIV 02: DR-TB training
  • TBHIV 03: Childhood TB training

F2F 103: Mother and Child Health

  • MCH 01: Family Planning training
  • MCH 02: Implanon NXT training
  • MCH 03: BNC & resuscitation training

F2F 104: Emergency care

  • EMG 01: Basic Life Support training
  • EMG: 02: First Aid training
  • EMG 03: Pain Management training

F2F 104: ICT & Data

  • ITD 01: Epi info & SPSS training
  • ITD 02: Online data collection training
  • ITD 03: STATA

E-Learning: category 200

EL201: LMG coming soon…

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