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Membership and Fees
Membership is open to all individuals above 18 years of age who, and organizations that, fulfill the requirements of the Association as stated in this Constitution, including the payment of membership fees.  There are four categories of members as identified hereunder.

Full Members
Full members are all those who are trained and/or are working in the field of public health and who comply with the Association’s Constitution, including filling the appropriate application forms, payment of required fees, and being confirmed by Executive Board. 

Associate Members
Associate members are all those who comply with this Constitution, including filling the appropriate application forms, paying the required membership fees, approved by the Executive Board, and who constitute the following:
  • Students in public health
  • Individuals with public health interest and commitment who are nominated by members;
  • Institutions and organizations interested, and contributing to, public health.

Honorary Members
Honorary members are individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public health in Ethiopia or to EPHA and who, upon being nominated by the Executive Board, are approved by a minimum of two- thirds of those attending a General Assembly.

Life Members
Life members are full members who opt to become life members by paying a lump sum membership fee equivalent to 10 years in lieu of payment of annual fees for the rest of their lives. 
Membership Fees
Membership fees shall be determined by the General Assembly and can be changed as and when necessary.

Rights of Members
Members of the Association shall have the right to:
  • Vote, elect and be elected to the various organs of the Association;
  • Participate in all activities of the Association;       
  • Receive the Association’s publications free of charge; and
  • Have access to information regarding the Association.  

Obligations of Members
Members shall:
  • Uphold the expected professional ethics in their daily practices;
  • Comply with the Constitution and the rules and regulations of the Association as well as the decisions of the General Assembly;
  • Pay membership fees regularly.

Loss of Membership 
A member shall be deemed to have forfeited her/his membership status in EPHA upon the decision of the Executive Board in the event of:
  • Failure to abide by the Constitution, rules and regulations of the Association; 
  • Professional misconduct confirmed by the appropriate body of the Association and/or court rulings; and
  • Upon death or written request to leave the Association.

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