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EPHA Organizes Retreat in Hawassa

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) organized and conducted a retreat program in the presence of Executive Board Members from August 28-31, 2014 at Haile Resort in Hawassa town.

Dr. Hailegnaw Eshete, Executive Director of EPHA, made a brief presentation on various activities of EPHA that were carried out from January- September 2014. Ato Mehari Getaneh , Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, also made a presentation on the ongoing EPHA’s structural realignment process.

The presentations were followed by group discussions facilitated by the executive board members. The groups discussed at length and presented the strengths and limitations of the association.  The discussions and recommendations made by the groups have been summarized to be used as inputs for future actions and interventions.

In addition, the current outbreak of Ebola epidemic was one of the major concerns raised on the occasion.  Ato Alemayehu Bekele, Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Coordinator, briefed the history of the epidemic, mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, prevention and control measures and the role of EPHA in preventing and controlling the epidemic.

At the end of the eat program, EPHA awarded special prizes to three staff of the Association with outstanding performance. The awardees, transparently selected by EPHA’s staff members are: Ato Awol Mezegebe, Administration and Finance Director, W/ro. Abebech Abegaz, Office Assistant and Ato Ashenafi Dereje, Publication and Communication Coordinator.

EPHA Conducts Health Research Methods and Ethics Training

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) conducted Health Research Methods and Ethics Training from July 21-30, 2014 in Bahir Dar town.

Twenty-one health professionals have participated in the training. The trainees were recruited from Addis Ababa, Mekelle, Debremarkos and Debrebirhan universities, Amhara Regional Health Bureau, Gonder zonal health department, and the Red Cross Society.

The training was designed to assist health professionals to improve their capabilities in research designing, planning and implementation. As part of the training, the trainees developed a research proposal.

EPHA has been providing health research methods and ethics training with the objective of improving the understanding and skills of researchers and practitioners in designing and conducting operational research at different levels. Some 450 members of EPHA have been trained in health research methods and ethics since the training program was launched in 2006.

The Health Research Methods and Ethics Training has been conducted in collaboration with the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA), Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH), and Regional Health Bureaus (RHBs), with the financial support from the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Updated October 16, 2014

*Newly updated information is indicated in red

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is working with other U.S. government agencies, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other domestic and international partners in an international response to the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa. This document summarizes key messages about the outbreak and the response. It will be updated as new information becomes available and will be distributed regularly. Please share this document with others as appropriate.

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Use our library and enjoy reliable service!!!

EPHA Library and E-learning Center is an instrument to disseminating and utilizing scientific information with a view to upgrading public health knowledge of professionals and EPHA members.

EPHA Library and E- learning Center was officially launched in January 2007. Now, the library has 2,230 copies of 1292 different title books and publications. In addition to this collection, the library has 342 copies of 171 title theses, 696 copies of 43 title Journals, and 277 copies of 88 title EPHA publications. In total, the library currently has 3,551 copies of 1594 title collections.

Besides the reading service, the center provides internet service to EPHA members with 4 GB broad band with Wi-Fi service and there are 8 computers for users, who do not have their own laptops.

The center is open to serve you from Monday - Friday morning 8:30 -12:30 and afternoon 1:30 – 5:00.

You can find the EPHA library and e-learning Center on Ambessa Building, 5th Floor, Meskel Road

Our goal is providing reliable and up-to-date public health related information to health professionals, researchers and students.

We invite you to use our library and enjoy reliable service.

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